The Kingdom of Kush

Kush is one of the earliest civilizations in the world and developed in Kerma, along the Nile River in ancient Nubia (present day Sudan and South Sudan) around 3000 BC. The term Kush was first used by ancient Egyptians to refer to Nubia. The Nubians came under the rule of the New Kingdom of Egypt… Continue reading The Kingdom of Kush

Amanishakheto: Leader, Builder, Warrior

Amanishakheto was the Ruler and Queen of the Kingdom of Kush (in present-day Sudan) from around 10 BC to 1 AD. She created much wealth for her Kingdom, built many pyramids and temples and defeated an invading Roman army. At the time, the majority of the gold in the Nile region, including the gold upstream… Continue reading Amanishakheto: Leader, Builder, Warrior