Somalia: Nation of Poets

For centuries, Somali children have grown up listening to their parents and relatives reciting poetry such that even today, many can recite poetry that is centuries old. Those familiar with Somalia, its history and its lyrical upbringing of children have thus called it a “Nation of Poets”. Poetry permeates Somali society, and has been used… Continue reading Somalia: Nation of Poets

Mogadishu and the Ajuran Kingdom

The city of Mogadishu in Somalia has served as a port, center for commerce, and capital of various Somali kingdoms for over 2000 years. “Mogadishu” is likely derived from "muq" and "disho" which together mean "sight killer" or "blinder", possibly in reference to the city's blinding beauty. Mogadishu was one of a few Somali city-states… Continue reading Mogadishu and the Ajuran Kingdom