Orishas of Yoruba Mythology

Orishas are Yoruba gods and goddesses. Mythology surrounding them, including the Yoruba creation story, is vast. Below are descriptions of some Orishas, and the story about how they got their powers. Olorun/Olodumare: Supreme God and Creator; sometimes depicted androgynous Orunmila: God of Wisdom and Divination; Olorun's son and representative Obatala: Olorun's Deputy; creator of land,… Continue reading Orishas of Yoruba Mythology

Queen Amina of Zazzu

Queen Amina Sukhera of Zazzu (~1600 CE) was a Hausa queen of the city-state of Zazzu (present-day Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria). She was known as a great military strategist who established a government at Zazzu and expanded the city to become a major trade center, which dominated regional trade after the collapse of the Songhai… Continue reading Queen Amina of Zazzu

The Most Powerful Yoruba Woman of the Nineteenth Century

Efunsetan Aniwura is acknowledged as one of the most powerful Yoruba women who has ever lived. She lived in Ibadan, which was the garrison city of the Oyo Empire (located in present-day southwestern Nigeria), in the nineteenth century where she owned many farms and was a wealthy trader in arms and ammunition. Efunsetan was born… Continue reading The Most Powerful Yoruba Woman of the Nineteenth Century