The Herero and Nama Genocide of Namibia

In 1904, the Herero and Nama people of Namibia began a rebellion against German colonial rule, the Herero led by Samuel Maharero and the Nama by Captain Hendrik Witbooi. As a retaliation for their revolt, the Germans began a 4-year campaign to exterminate all Herero and Nama people - about 80,000 Hereros and 10,000 Namas… Continue reading The Herero and Nama Genocide of Namibia

Fairy Circles of the Namib Desert

The Namib desert (which stretches through Angola, Namibia, and South Africa) holds a scientific puzzle that has baffled scientists around the world for decades. Scattered throughout the desert are stretches of vegetation, laced with seemingly random patches of bare circles. From a satellite view, it appears as though countless flying saucers landed among the shrubbery,… Continue reading Fairy Circles of the Namib Desert