The Richest Man That Ever Lived

Kankan Musa is reputed to be one of the richest men that ever lived whose value in today’s terms is estimated at 400 billion dollars. He threw the economy of the Middle East and North Africa into pandemonium on his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324 because he gave out so much gold that he devalued… Continue reading The Richest Man That Ever Lived

Ancient Malians: Astronomers and Seafarers

The Mali Empire was the largest and wealthiest empire in West Africa from the 12th-16th century CE, and the Malians were scholars and explorers of the land, sky and sea. The city of Timbuktu was the heart of learning in Mali, and students from around the world came to study alongside Malians at Sankoré University,… Continue reading Ancient Malians: Astronomers and Seafarers