Ghosts and Ghost Stories from South Africa

South Africa is known for many things, yet among its lesser known novelties are the ghosts that haunt many of its famous sites. Consider taking a night trip to one of the places below – if you dare:

Table Mountain’s Ghost of Verlatenbosch

Many many years ago, the governor of Cape Town made various enemies. Out of vengeance, the enemies tricked the governor’s son into accepting a flute used by a leper, from which the boy contracted leprosy. After being abandoned by his own family, the boy ran to Table Mountain to live in isolation and play his flute. Legend has it that during sunset at the top of Table Mountain, you can sometimes still hear the governor’s son playing his flute’s melancholy tune.

Castle of Good Hope

Some of South Africa’s most infamous apparitions have been spotted at the Castle of Good Hope. ‘The Lady in Grey’ has been frequently spotted, holding her face and crying hysterically as she runs through the castle halls. Additionally, In the 1700s, a soldier hanged himself from the bell tower. Ever since that time, the bells of the castle have been known to ring of their own accord. There is also the case of the black dog, who has been know to lunge at visitors, before disappearing into thin air.

Smuts House

General Jan Smuts lived here for 40 years, passing away in 1950. Nevertheless, an old man is often seen floating around the estate. Some believe he is protecting a hidden Boer treasure located somewhere on the property.

Other noted haunted areas in South Africa include: Erasmus House, Nottingham Road Hotel, Uniondale Road (Eastern Cape), Green Point Lighthouse, and Groote Schuur Hospital.

By Tre Hunt


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